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Heather Aron Gross6/28/81 ~ 12/14/08This is what I wrote four and a half years ago: Heather was never meant to die of old age; instead she died causing international news. The inbounds avalanche at Snowbird, on December 14th, ended her life at age 27. She was an avid Snowbird skier and would never want her death to stifle anyone's love for skiing or for the resort.Our daughter did a life's worth of living in her 27 years. Her candle burned brightly but not long enough. She needs the many people whom she has touched, to keep it burning. Her prayer for you would be to remember her goodness and zest for life and continue to share and spread it. Heather had a passion for adventure and learning. Travel was a part of who she was. She open mindedly accepted and befriended people from all over the world. She combined travel and learning with studies in Spain, China, Argentina, and more.She will be deeply missed by her parents, Dennis and Alyce Gross of Salt Lake City, and her sister, Emily Gross, of Ft. Collins Colorado. Heather left a void that will be partially filled by hilarious memories.Anyone caring to memorialize Heather should make a donation to the Utah Food Bank in her name.I didn't stop writing, Heather. To help "keep your candle burning" I wrote a book about my grief, but mostly about you. The Devil's Fingernail and Heather Aron Gross, by Alyce Gross. It can be found on amazon.com.HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEET DAUGHTER!