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Bonneville cutthroat

I am struggling to come to terms with the proposed Bonneville cutthroat restoration project in Millcreek. Cutthroat trout are already in Millcreek. Granted, so are browns, rainbows and hybrids, but these are not trash fish in my opinion, rather, they are trout that people enjoy fishing.

There is an alternative plan of action that would waste far less fish and save money in these tight times. For an only cutthroat fishery in Millcreek, open up the canyon to the taking of any and all rainbows and browns caught, release all cutthroat, let nature take its course and stock Bonneville cuts once the other trout are largely fished out. Allow the cutthroat already in Millcreek to remain. Most people arent going to know or care whether they have caught a Bonneville or a Colorado cut. Plant Bonneville cutthroat if you must, but leave the fishery alone.

What is the matter with a stream that offers a variety of trout? The idea of a single-variety fishery seems akin to only offering vanilla ice cream, but I can appreciate the restoration idea in principle. I would be interested to know what other kinds of fish were historically in Millcreek. I am betting that it wasnt just Bonneville cutthroat.

Teresa Clawson

Salt Lake City