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Quit penalizing success

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I generally agree with the positions put forward by Fred Ash. However, I disagree with the position he put forward about entitlement battles ("Entitlement battle," May 26). One of the main arguments the left uses to increase taxes from the wealthy is that entitlement programs need to be funded. However, the left generally can't express how much is enough.

We can't help our nation prosper by continually taking from those that have and giving it to those who have less.

There are ample opportunities for anyone in this country to improve their station in life, largely through hard work and dedication (see many examples of immigrants who come to this country with nothing and carve nice lives for themselves). Prosperity doesn't come from the government giving things to us. It comes because we're willing to work harder, take risks and outdo the next guy.

Instead of expanding the entitlement programs, the time has come to scale them back through older age entrance limits and higher income entrance limits. Let's quit penalizing those who are successful.

Howard Wilkin

Salt Lake City