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Planes not only option

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Increasing governmental control of air travel is not the best answer to lack of comfort or convenience. The free market economy is the best answer. Richard Davis wrote that the government should mandate airline rules for passenger comfort, such as seat size ("Airlines should do more for passengers, or else," June 19). I disagree.

If airlines are forced to improve comfort, the cost of tickets will rise. Most people prefer low cost over comfort as proven by the fact that there are more economy seats than first-class seats. If more people were willing to pay for the comfort of first class, then airlines would respond by providing more first-class seats. The free market naturally responds.

Davis' comments indicate that people have no choice but to fly in cramped economy seats. There are other options — pay more for first-class, drive, bus, train. I travel frequently to California. I usually fly economy, even though I could travel by another method. Why? Because I value the low price and speed of economy air travel. I endure cramped seats to obtain this benefit. Thanks airlines for your service.

Bob West