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Reagan vs. Obama

President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama
Carolyn Kaster, File, Associated Press

I loved Jay Evensen's column "Reagan's Moscow speech — 25 years later, do we still value freedom?" (May 30). President Reagan was a real leader who believed in limited constitutional government and in America's divine mission of freedom and democracy. He believed in the important role of churches in our society and of their moral strengthening power.

Today we have a president who threw his church and minister under the bus when it was discovered how radical they were. Today we have a president who is grounded in socialist philosophy and who believes in the big government solution to everything. The result is continuing high unemployment, huge increases in the welfare state, the takeover of the health care system which continues to scare everyone, especially businesses and investors.

Because of Obama's lack of vision and belief in America's role in the world as a leader and peacemaker, we are a lot more vulnerable and less safe, as is the rest of the world. Add to this massive debt and moral decline and the writing is on the wall. Reagan forever changed the world by helping to defeat communism. What will Obama's legacy be?

Art J. VanTielen