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What's new: Nibley's 'Beyond Politics' re-released as an e-book

"BEYOND POLITICS," by Hugh Nibley, Hugh Nibley and Associates, $5.99, 67 pages (nf)

Hugh Nibley has always been recognized as one of the great apologists for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Even after his passing in 2005, his work has continued to be quoted by those seeking to defend the truth of the LDS Church. But, Nibley was also fond of sharing his thoughts on the state of politics in the U.S. and the world. “Beyond Politics” is an essay written in 1973 and is filled with the thoughts and feelings Nibley believed were important to understand if people were to be safe from the false teachings of government.

Published as an e-book by Hugh Nibley and Associates, a company owned by the family of the author, “Beyond Politics” takes readers inside the mind of one of Mormonism’s great thinkers. As stated by Nibley, “politics, as practiced on earth, belongs to the ways of men….” In Nibley’s view, there will always be a conflict between the governments/politics of man and the servants of God, until one or the other gives in. In Nibley’s mind, the giving will always occur on the side of mankind.

“Beyond Politics” includes several multimedia elements and is available from the Apple iBook Store. For the general reader, there is an easy reading version with many of the footnotes eliminated. Those interested in all the source material will find a fully annotated copy of the essay included.

Two multimedia add-ons are included as part of the essay. The first is an interview with former U.S. Sen. Bob Bennett, a Utah Republican, in which he shares some of his own ideas on politics, quoting extensively from Nibley’s work. The second is an essay by Nibley's son, Alex Nibley, titled “Hugh Nibley, World’s Worst Politician.” Both are insightful and easy to read.

For those interested in the works of Hugh Nibley, this offering is a necessary addition to the library. But, “Beyond Politics” is also interesting for those who might just want to get a feel for how one of the great LDS thinkers felt about this mortal world.

The family will be also releasing this title and others by Hugh Nibley through Deseret Bookshelf in the future.

Mike Whitmer lives in West Valley City and spends a lot of time trying to understand life. Hugh Nibley is helpful that way. His email is at or he blogs at