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University of Utah's Technology Commercialization Office changes name

SALT LAKE CITY — The University of Utah’s Technology Commercialization Office has changed its name to the Technology and Venture Commercialization.

University officials said the new name emphasizes the organization’s dual mission in commercializing inventions through partnerships with existing companies and creating new ventures.

“Our organization has a strong track record of success,” said Bryan Ritchie, executive director of Technology and Venture Commercialization. “It’s now time to move to the next level. The U. has an opportunity to strengthen its leadership in successfully turning great ideas into practical applications. We want to ensure that our name accurately reflects this transformation. This name change both reflects our responsibilities for the activities of commercialization while also signaling our desire to effect transformation through stronger partnerships and customer service.”

Technology and Venture Commercialization is dedicated to commercializing new technologies and inventions from discoveries made and developed at the U., according to a news release.