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Candidates file for municipal offices

SALT LAKE CITY — The window closed Friday for hopefuls running for municipal offices.

Primary elections where necessary will be held Aug. 13, narrowing the field before Election Day on Nov. 5.

In Salt Lake County, West Valley City’s mayoral and City Council races are likely to receive extra attention this year as the embattled city looks to recover from some high-profile problems. Seven candidates will compete to lead the Utah’s second-largest city, as Mayor Mike Winder opted not to seek a second term.

Winder announced in late May that he was bowing out based on financial need, saying he needed to take a full-time job to support his family. West Valley City's mayor is a part-time position, with a $35,000 annual salary.

A nationwide search is underway for a new chief to lead the West Valley City Police Department, which has been riddled by allegations, including the possibility of police corruption that led to the dismissal of 124 drug cases, the fatal officer-involved shooting of 21-year-old Danielle Willard and criticism over the way its officers investigated the Susan Powell case.

After four fruitless years, that Powell case was essentially closed last month, with no charges ever having been filed.

The following is a list of declared candidates seeking election on in Salt Lake, Utah and Davis counties this fall:

Salt Lake County

Alta — Mayor: Tom Pollard; City Council (four year): Cliff Curry, Maura Olivos, Elise Morgan, Paul T. Moxley; City Council (two year): Merebea Danforth.

Bluffdale — Mayor: Derk P. Timothy; City Council at large: William Underwood, Alan Jackson, Justin Westwood.

Cottonwood Heights — Mayor: Kelvyn H. Cullimore Jr., Todd Leeds, Peyton H. Robinson, Jubal Perez; City Council District 3: Ben A. Derrick, Mike Peterson, Nicole Omer; City Council District 4: Tee W. Tyler.

Draper — Mayor: Phillip B. Shell, John R. Dismuke, Troy K. Walker; City Council at large: Bradley D. Castle, Jeffrey D. Stenquist, William E. Rappleye, Michele Weeks, Carolyn Hunsaker, Mani Grewal, Traci Gundersen, Randy P. Gerona, J. Michael Burrows.

Herriman — Mayor: Carmen R. Freeman, Michelle Baguley, Anthony Todd Diconza, Teddy M. Hodges; City Council District 2: Jeff Davis Rifleman, Coralee Wessman-Moser; City Council District 3: Cody W. Stromberg, Craig B. Tischner.

Holladay — Mayor: Holli Dunn, Robert M. Dahle, Helen H. Redd, D. Blaine Anderson; City Council District 1: Sabrina R. Peterson; City Council District 3: Les Chatelain, Patricia Ann Pignanelli.

Midvale — Mayor: Joan B. Seghini, David Fair, Olga De La Cruz; City Council District 4: Torin Chambers, Wayne L. Sharp, Tim Heumann; City Council District 5: Colleen Costello, Serafina Ochoa, Bret Black, Stephen Brown.

Murray — Mayor: Darren V. Stam, Buck Swaney, David Wilde, Ted Eyre, Tarrell McKay Hughes, Jim Brass; City Council District 2: D. Blair Camp, Wade Marshall Miller; City Council District 4: Diane Turner, Robert Orrigoni.

Riverton — Mayor: Bill Applegarth; City Council District 3: Tracy C. Thaxton, Paul Wayman; City Council District 4: Al Leavitt.

Salt Lake City — Council District 1: J. Dee Carlson, James Rogers, Kevin S. Parke, Isaac D. Arnold, Brad Bartholomew, Richard D.M. Barnes; City Council District 3: Sherman W. Clow, Stan Penfold, Aaron Johnson; City Council District 5: Ernest Lloyd Cox, Bill Davis, Erin Mendenhall; City Council District 7: Kevin Paulson, Topher Horman, Deb Henry, Lisa Ramsey Adams, Amy Barry.

Sandy — Mayor: Tom Dolan, David Perry; City Council District 1: Scott Lynn Cowdell Wendy Charlton; City Council District 3: Kris Nicholl; City Council at large: Burke Staker, Steve Smith, Tyler R. Decol, Thomas Marshall, Germaine T. Barnes.

South Jordan — Mayor: Aleta Anderson Taylor, Scott L. Osborne, Mark T. Woolley, Kathie Lynn Johnson, Dave Alvord, Steve Barnes; City Council District 3: Don Shelton, Brian C. Butters; City Council District 5: Larry Short, Christopher J. Rogers, Gregory Alan Wise.

South Salt Lake — Mayor: L. Shane Siwik, Derk O Pehrson, Robert Wallace Miller, Cherie Wood, William Hogan Espinoza, Nick H. Gosdis; City Council District 2: Kevin David Rapp, Boyd L. Marshall; City Council District 3: Sharla Beverly, Bill Gene Hauser; City Council at large: Debbie A. Snow, Steve Norr, Benji McMurray.

Taylorsville — Mayor: Jerry W. Rechtenbach, Ric Morley, Larry Johnson, Legrande Hansen; City Council District 3: Brad Christopherson, Dave Ballou; City Council District 4: Dama Barbour; City Council District 5: Jonathan Fidler, Ken Acker, Daniel Jon Armstrong.

West Jordan — Mayor: Ben Southworth, Gregory M. Simonsen, Kim V. Rolfe, Sophie Rice, Clive M. Killpack, Mike Kellermeyer, M. Rory Munns, Jeff Ertel, Jeff Haaga, Dirk S. Burton, Daniel E. Argueta; City Council at large: Gregory M. Simonsen, Chad Nichols, Timothy McConnehey, Dixie Memmott, Michel J. Erdmann, Zach Jacob, Eric Hanna, Jeff Haaga, Isaac Alejandro, Nathan Gedge, Jared Belcher.

West Valley City — Mayor: Don Christensen, Alex B. Segura, Karen Lang, Margaret K. Peterson, Jeffrey W. MacKay, Tom Huynh, Ron Bigelow; City Council District 2: Jeff White, Steve Buhler; City Council District 4: Steve Vincent, Mary Jayne Newton-Davis; City Council at large: Phil Conder, Lars Nordfelt, Joe Garcia.

Utah County

Alpine — Mayor: Hunt Willoughby, Don N. Watkins, Kent Hastings; City Council: David R. Adams, Tim Branscomb, Darren Gooch, Troy Stout, Roger E. Bennett.

American Fork — Mayor: James H. Hadfield, Bill Thresher; City Council: Glen Anderson, Carlton Bowen, Donald A. B. Nelson, R. Craig Nielsen, Jeffrey Shorter.

Cedar Hills — Mayor: Gary Gygi, Curt Crosby; City Council (two years): Emily Cox, Duane Richards, Mike Geddes; City Council (four years): Jared Bradley, Rob Crawley, David Josse, Daniel Zappala, Corey Jackson, Keller Penrod, Stephanie Martinez.

Eagle Mountain — Mayor: Jonathan Cornejo, Matthew Everett, Aaron Hobbs, Heather Jackson, Christopher Pengra, Robert Schermerhorn, Ronald de Robles; City Council: Adam Bradley, Matthew Bray, Bryan Free, Nick Jessen, Nathan Ochsenhirt, Luke Pannell, Benjamin Reaves, Tom Westmoreland, Tony Wosnjuk.

Highland — Mayor: Mark S. Thompson, Tim R. Irwin, Erich Pletsch, Larry Mendenhall, Tim Aalders; City Council: Chad Copier, Scott Leroy Smith, Dennis LeBaron, Rod Mann, Ed Dennis, Ryan Barker.

Lehi — Mayor: Steven Anderson, Jim Hewitson, Brett A. Mansfield, Bert Wilson; City Council: Kaye Collins, Chris Condie, Paul Hancock, Stephen Holbrook, Cory Maloy, R. Curtis Payne, Marilyn F. Schiess.

Orem — Mayor: Anietie Wilson Umoren, Chris Nichols, Robert Wright, Hans Anderson, Richard Brunst; City Council: Peter James Christensen, Mary Street, Brent Sumner, David M. Spencer, Debby Lauret, Robert A. Davis, Ray Runyan, Claude Richards, Paul M. H. Reay, Tom Macdonald, Brian Earl Jenkins, Jared Jardine, Charles Hart, Skyler Hamilton, Sharon Price Anderson, Randy W. Anderson, Wayne Burr.

Payson — Mayor: Richard D. Moore; City Council: James K. Ewell, Rhett Huff, Mike Hardy, Scott Phillips.

Pleasant Grove — Mayor: Bruce Call, David Peterson; City Council: Ben Stanley, Diane Oscarson Moss, Andy Weight, Eric Jensen, Dianna Andersen.

Provo — Mayor: John R. Curtis, Timothy William Spencer, Howard Stone, Jason Christensen; City Council District 2: Kim Santiago, City Council District 5: Sterling Beck, Rae L. McAdams, Jed N. Platt, Kathryn S. Allen, Stephen C. Hemingway, Lee Adair, Stephen A. Hales; City Council at large: Leo Lines, David S. Sewell, John Breeding, Ryan Frandsen, Randy Wright.

Saratoga Springs — Mayor: Brandon Mackay, Jim Miller; City Council: William J. Burnett, Edward J. Dose, Ryan D. Hall, Michael D. S. McOmber, Chris Porter, Barbie Riccardelli, Stephen Willden, Hayden Williamson.

Spanish Fork — Mayor: Chad K. Argyle, Steve Leifson; City Council: Carl Johnston, Mike Mendenhall, Jed Morely, Keir A. Scoubes, Todd Telford, Scott Woolston.

Springville — Mayor: Wilford W. Clyde; City Council: Craig Conover, Chris Sorensen, Tara Tulley, Justin Ferrell, Joyce Nolte, Jason Miller, Karen Ellingson, Benjamin T. Jolley, Darren A. Hardy, Devin L. Bird.

Davis County

Bountiful — Mayor: Beth Holbrook, Randy Lewis; City Council: Meagan Becker, Richard Watson, Kendalyn Harris, Fred Moss, John S. Pitt, Suzanne Galloway.

Centerville — Mayor: Paul Cutler, Lawrence Wright; City Council: Charlie Bradley, Kevin Daly, Jack H. Dellastatious, Tami Fillmore, Stephanie Ivie, George McEwan, Gary Roland Goff.

Clearfield — Mayor: Gary Scott Baldwin, Mark R. Shepherd; City Council: Keri Benson, Gary Bingham, Randy Goodnight, Ron Jones, Benjamin G. Larsen, David Tomczak, Bruce Young.

Clinton — Mayor: L. Mitch Adams, Debbie Barlow; City Council: Barbara J. Patterson, Michael Ray Peterson, Karen M. Peterson, Terrie C. Rees, Anthony O. Thompson, Vernon S. Warner.

Farmington — Mayor: H. James Talbot, John C. Bowker Jr.; City Council (two years): Doug Richard Anderson, Kristen F. Harbertson, David Stringfellow; City Council (four years): John S. Bilton, Rick Dutson, Scott E. Isaacson, Brigham N. Mellor.

Kaysville — Mayor: Arthur Rexford Whittaker, Steve Hiatt; City Council: Jared R. Taylor, Susan Lee, Brian Frandsen, Stroh L. DeCaire, Gil A. Miller

Layton — Mayor: Joyce Forbes Brown, Jory Francis, Bob J. Stevenson, Grace B. Stevenson; City Council: Mike Bouwhuis, Thomas Day, Dawn Fitzpatrick, Barry T. Flitton, Joy Petro, Shalie Barber Reich.

North Salt Lake — Mayor: Len Arave, Ryan Macfarlane; City Council: Matt Jensen, James Emery Hill, Ryan Mumford.

South Weber — Mayor: Tamara P. Long, Jeffery G. Monroe; City Council: Scott R. Casas, Ryan Stott, Jan Ukena, Farrell D. Poll, Marlene Poore, Dustin Petty, Joseph E. Gertge.

Sunset — Mayor: Ryan Furniss, Kevin Snow, Beverly K. Macfarlane; City Council: Brent Andrews, Trystal Peay, Raymond H. Chapman Jr., Daniel Mathis, Ricky Carlson, Chris R. Hadley.

Syracuse — Mayor: Jamie Nagle, Terry Palmer, Douglas Peterson, Travis Jackson; City Council: Brian Duncan, Michael Gailey, Allen Lowry, Gary Pratt, Daniel Schuler, Randy Miller, Travis Waller.

West Bountiful — Mayor: Bud Ingles, Ken Romney, Gary Spilman; City Council: Kelly Enquist, Mark Preece, Alan Malan, Corey Dee Sweat, David W. Tovey, Brady Tracy.

West Point — Mayor: Erik Craythorn; City Council: Brogan Fullmer, John Detamore, Andy Dawson, Kent Henderson, Eric Braegger.