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Images of world sport: MLB cow milking contest among this week's top sports photos

Competitive spirit is common. Extreme examples of competitive spirit are less common. Examples of extreme competitive spirit involving milking cows are not common.

The Texas Rangers held "Farm and Ranch Day" at its stadium last weekend, and invited its opponent that day, the Kansas City Royals, to compete in a number of farm-themed contests, among them, a cow milking competition, with Kansas City's George Kottaras coming out on top.

As Mark Townsend of Yahoo! Sports aptly wrote of the contest, "So as we've determined here, the Royals are clearly the superior farm team."

Also in baseball — Yadier Molina. On Monday, Yadier Molina basically lost it following his ejection in the third inning from a home game against the San Francisco Giants. Fortunately, his face isn't permanently stuck looking like it did in the photos.

Speaking of intensity — Virginia Tech's Andrew Rash. Following a 10-4 loss to Oklahoma and subsequent elimination from the NCAA baseball championships, Rash, a fifth-year senior, was overcome with emotion.

“It’s been unbelievable,” Rash told the media following the game. “I’m going to miss these guys. ... This could be the last time I put on a uniform, but I have had the best 34 teammates you could ever have. I couldn’t ask for a better college career.”

Along with these, a Brittney Griner dunk, a semi-shirtless Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, a motorcycle crash, rugby, baseball and more baseball round out this week's top 25 photos from the world of sport. Here's hoping the next week of sports photos will be as good as this last one.

Landon Hemsley is the sports content manager for Email: Twitter: @EarlOfHemsley