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Utah insurance plan

We had five children and no insurance. Through the years there were broken bones, car accident injuries resulting in a life-or-death situation, doctor and hospital bills and two children with special needs. All of this while my husband was making minimum wage when he was employed. I had to work both day and night for many years. It wasn't necessarily comfortable, but by managing our finances and going without luxuries and some necessities, we managed to be OK.

There are some people who probably can't do what we did, so they would need some help. Therefore, rather than subject all Utahns to the federal government debtors prison, we should have our own medical insurance program.

There are 60,202 uninsured adults and children now living in Utah. I believe that if we provide hospital/surgical insurance care, the recipients could pay for doctor and dental visits. If all residents of Utah paid 1 percent of their annual income to a Utah Medical Aid Fund and the doctors and dentists did some pro bono work, then I think we could help those in need without putting all of us in poverty through Obamacare. Expanded Medicaid will just be another layer of government bureaucracy and revenue from increased taxes.

Loa Don Glade

Salt Lake City