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4 dead in Mexico City shooting

MEXICO CITY — Two masked gunmen stormed into a gym yelling "everyone hit the floor" and opened fire, killing four people in a tough Mexico City neighborhood that is home to the area's biggest black market, authorities said Friday.

Mexico City Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera said the attack appeared to be aimed at two brothers who were exercising at the gym and another man who was with them. A fourth man, identified as the gym owner, died later in the hospital after he apparently tried to intervene in the killings.

The Thursday night shooting happened in the Body Extreme gym in Tepito, one of Mexico City's most dangerous neighborhoods. Two suspects were arrested after they opened fire on police a few blocks away from the gym shortly after the killings, he said. No police were injured.

Mancera said preliminary investigations indicated the killings were part of a "personal grudge" between the killers and the victims, and he denied that the kind of large-scale drug cartel executions that have bloodied other parts of Mexico have arrived in Mexico City.

"I don't have any indication of any cartel in Mexico City," Mancera told the Televisa television network. "It's not a cartel. What we have in Tepito is an upswing in violence, and an upswing in some gangs."

Tepito is the main clearinghouse for millions of dollars of contraband, from guns and drugs to counterfeit handbags that come through Mexico City.

A dozen people from the same neighborhood disappeared nearly two weeks ago from an after-hours bar in a posher part of the city several miles away. Three people have been detained in the case, but there is still no sign of the 12. Relatives allege they were taken in broad daylight May 26 from the "Heaven" bar by heavily armed and masked men.