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Stephenie Meyer, Keri Russell, Utah author release 'Austenland' movie trailer

Want a little peek of the movie “Austenland”?

The trailer for the light-hearted romantic comedy based on the book by Shannon Hale was released this week.

“Austenland” follows Colin Firth-as-Mr.-Darcy-obssessed Jane Hayes (Keri Russell) as she goes to England on a pricey Jane Austen immersion experience run by Mrs. Wattlesworth (Jane Seymour), which includes actors playing potential love interests and Regency-era activities around the grounds. What Jane — named Miss Erstwhile for the immersion experience — finds is a roller coaster of emotions as she navigates her expectations and her heart, attempting to figure out who is acting and who isn’t.

The cast also includes Jennifer Coolidge, James Callis, J.J. Feild, Georgia King, Ricky Whittle and Bret McKenzie. “Austenland” is directed by Jerusha Hess and produced by Stephenie Meyer and has been rated PG-13.

The book has been re-issued with a movie tie-in cover featuring Russell with Field and McKenzie. Hale wrote on her blog at “The book cover I never in my wildest fantasies imagined.”

Sony, which picked up the distribution rights after it's screening at the Sundance Film Festival, has announced “Austenland” will open in New York and Los Angeles on Aug. 16. Other cities have yet to be announced.

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