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Book review: 'Abandon' is heartbreaking, satisfying ending to Possession trilogy

"ABANDON: A Possession Novel," by Elana Johnson, Simon Pulse, $17.99, 464 pages (f) (ages 14 and up)

A third book in a trilogy can make a reader feel one of two ways: Either glad to be done with it, or wish it would never end. "Abandon," the conclusion to the Possession trilogy by Utah author Elana Johnson, falls under the latter.

The "Possession" trilogy is so intricately formed as a real world, with characters that are known so deeply, that the pages ran out too quickly.

In "Abandon," the world run by Thinkers is at a pivotal crossroads. Vi, Jag and Zenn, along with their band of resistors, must remain vigilant and make the hard decisions to ensure freedom for the citizens around them.

But with talents (mind-reading, voice control, techno-paths) on both sides, the war is equally fought and will come down to the choices of those involved and whether they can give up what is easy for what is right.

Johnson has taken what started as a stand-alone book with "Possession" and with "Surrender," "Abandon" and a couple of other online short stories "Resist" and "Regret," immersed the reader into a fully imagined world where the characters will decide who they love, who they trust and what is better —functionality or freedom.

The pace of "Abandon" is fast-moving and has action or a surprise every few pages. Things don't happen so quickly, however, that the reader can't follow the story. Johnson effortlessly pulls the reader through the twists and turns, keeping up with who the characters are and where they are going.

With an ending that is both heartbreaking and satisfying, Johnson wraps up all loose ends, answers all questions and shows she knows her craft.

A story written for young adults, "Abandon" has mild language and violence and no sexual references.

If you go ...

What: "Escape Reality" tour/book panel with Elana Johnson, Possession trilogy; Bree Despain, Dark Divine trilogy; J.R. Johansson, "Insomia"; Kasie West, "Pivot Point" and "The Distance Between Us"; and Natalie Whipple, "Transparent"

When: Tuesday, July 9, 7 p.m.,

Where: Provo Library ballroom, 550 N. University Ave., Provo


Note: Event is free; tickets are not required

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