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Grease fire breaks out at Vernal drive-in movie theater

VERNAL — Fire crews were called to the Sunset Drive-In on Friday night after a grease fire from the theater's deep-fat fryers broke out and destroyed the box office and concessions building.

Uintah Fire District Chief Jeremy Raymond said crews received the call just before midnight and arrived to find flames coming out of the windows and doors of the drive-in's main building.

"The one building was completely destroyed," he said. "It's a total loss."

Raymond said the drive-in had experienced some power outages earlier, which employees believe may have affected the fryers. When the grease fire initially broke out, an employee tried to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher but was unsuccessful, he said.

Raymond estimated the size of the building as 50-by-50 feet. He said a separate building where the bathrooms and projection equipment are located were damaged but not destroyed.

No injuries were reported.