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Proper jogging clothes

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A few nights a week, I drive on Main Street from Farmington to Centerville. On many nights, I see people out on the street jogging or riding their bikes. I am surprised by how few of them where proper clothing. Reflective, nighttime clothing is a must if you bike or run at night. It is impossible to see these people until you are right there beside them. It is so easy to see why they get hit by cars.

There are so many options out there for nighttime jogging and biking. I find it ironic that people are out there jogging for their health and yet don't do the one thing that can keep them safe while they exercise. It is especially true of younger children who are out on their bikes. I have to wonder what their parents are thinking when they let them bike at night without at least having a light on their bikes.

I would feel terrible if I hit someone with my car. Please wear reflective clothing while biking or jogging at night.

Marilyn Whipple