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Top stories for prep football 2013

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Football season is officially upon us. You can count it down with just one hand now.

Everything gets underway this Friday night with the opening of the 2013 high school football season, which will be followed in the coming weeks by the start of college football and the NFL.

As is always the case in Utah, high school football kicks everything off, and this year there are 103 teams competing at the varsity level. You can bet there's anxiety and tension at every school. What programs will take the next step? What programs will take steps backward? For some, two or three wins would be considered a good season, while others will settle for nothing less than a state championship.

To get fans geared up for what should be another fantastic season, here are 10 notable stories worth paying attention to this season.

Contributing: Trevor Phibbs, Amy Donaldson and Randy Hollis.

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