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Role of proper governance

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President Obama's comment that health insurance is a "right" demonstrates how uninformed he is on the role of proper governance.

The definition of a true right is one that when exercised does not violate the right of another. For example, if someone else has to pay for or provide service for me to exercise my right, it is not a right.

Therefore, things like housing, education, a job, a minimum wage, medical treatment and, yes, health care insurance are not rights at all. Those are things that must be earned.

It's pretty simple to see that a government trying to provide all these things to all people will shortly go broke. Forced confiscation (i.e. taxes) from some to provide unearned entitlements to others is a formula for disaster. It doesn't work.

If we don't keep our current misguided administration in check our republic may be headed for fiscal ruin.

James Green

Heber City