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Shirley Rae Sorenson1930 ~ 2013Shirley Rae Sorenson passed peacefully and painlessly in the presence of her caring and loving husband and children at the Care Center Hospice Residence, Salt Lake City, Utah, on Friday, August 2, 2013, at the age of 82. She was born September 15, 1930 in Salina, Utah, the daughter of William and Wilmoth Sorenson of Aurora, Utah. While attending Brigham Young University she met and married Roger A. Sorenson of Gunnison, Utah with whom she shared a long, exciting and marvelous life.After graduating from University, her husband joined the diplomatic service and together they traveled to and lived in many of the most beautiful cities of the world. During her life Shirley met and mixed with Presidents and their wives, Prime Ministers, Ambassadors and Statesmen of many countries. She contributed enormously to the success of American Foreign Policy in the countries where she and her husband served. She actively engaged in local charities, assisting orphans and the less privileged wherever she lived, frequently taking the lead in raising money and directing its use for these purposes.In her younger days Shirley loved to ride, hike and dance. She adored music and fine art, visiting many of the great opera houses, art galleries, and museums of North America and Europe. She visited the top of Mt. Olympus where the oracle foresaw Athen's future. She sat in the Athenian Agora where Saint Paul had preached. She visited the Roman catacombs and descended beneath St. Peters where the Saint's bones are said to lie. In America, she visited the Hill Cumorah as well as Nauvoo where her ancestors had lived. She followed the Mormon trail over which her great grandparents had trudged, some pulling handcarts, as well as the Oregon Trail to the North West, and the Santa Fe Trail to New Mexico. Toward the latter part of her life, she wanted to return to Utah because she especially loved Salt Lake City and the good people here. She loved hearing the Tabernacle Choir as well as the choir and organ of the Cathedral of the Madeline. In short, Shirley was a woman well loved who had a life well lived. Shirley is survived by her spouse, Roger of Salt Lake City; son, Erik (Rose) of Upland, CA; son, Dave (Edda) of Gusterath, Germany; son, Karl (Mairead) of Gardner, MA; and daughter, Laurie (Nigel) of Glassealy House, Ireland. Eleven grandchildren, Nicholas, Kelsey, Alexandra, Raj, Natasha, Nicola, Violet, Joshua, James, Robert, and Christopher. She is also survived by two brothers, Kendal and Gary. She is predeceased by her Mother and Father; brother, William; sister, Barbara; sister, Donna (Dawntie); brother, Cecil; infant brother; and sister, Kay.A celebration of Shirley's life will be held in the Chapel of the Larkin Mortuary, 260 East South Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah, at 12 noon on Wednesday, August 5, 2013. The service for Shirley will be preceded by a viewing at 11 am, also at the Mortuary. Shirley will be interred in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.