We have our core values as a family, and we've kept them, that's our number one priority is making sure our kids know that so they also will have the same values, no matter what circumstances come your way. – Missy Robertson

The Robertson family hasn't been shy about living their faith on their hit TV reality show, "Duck Dynasty." In fact, the show has become known for ending each episode at the dinner table as a family, in prayer.

Recently, two of the family members, husband and wife Jase and Missy Robertson, shared their testimony regarding the importance of God and their family.

"We have our core values as a family, and we've kept them, that's our number one priority is making sure our kids know that so they also will have the same values, no matter what circumstances come your way," Missy Robertson said.

"If God is your solid foundation, good or bad, you're going to be happy, you're going to be joyous if you're in him. And that's what we stand on."

Jase and Missy Robertson first began discussing their faith after they were asked about a comment Jase made regarding their new celebrity lifestyle.

"The reason I said fame and fortune is frivolous to me is because we were raised really poor, my brothers, we had one bed, one room. But nobody told us we were poor and I was just as happy," Jase Robertson said.

"The reason is because we loved who we were with, with our family. That's really the reason why we love to hunt. It's not so much about what we get to eat or how many ducks we shoot, it's about who we're with."

God's first, then family, then whatever else you love, Jase Robertson explained in the interview. Missy Robertson also attributed that happiness to the success of their marriage.

"What attracted us to each other was what we saw in each other in our faith," Missy Robertson said. "We've been very happy for 22 years before the money started coming in."

Jase Robertson described the type of "godly agreement" he and his wife made to each other.

"We were both virgins when we got married until our wedding night," Jase Robertson said. "We decided to do it God's way and basically had a godly agreement that we would help each other get to heaven."

The Christian couple also recognized that their values are somewhat far from what the world has come to believe, yet they believe that such values provide happiness.

"A lot of people just think that that's unreasonable or preposterous," Jase Robertson said. "But you know, if everybody chose to do it God's way, the world would be a lot better off.

As a parent, Missy Robertson explained the importance of being an example to their own children by living the values they teach.

"And what an influence we can have on our children with that testimony. Our oldest son has been dating a great girl for over a year and a half and they also have the same commitment," Missy Robertson said.

"So it's just such a wonderful joyous time as a parent to see that and the commitment they have as children wanting to do that also."

In concluding the interview, Jase Robertson said that they simply want to follow God because he knows of the happiness it will bring, which he said is why he and Missy chose to be open about their beliefs.

"It's a great testimony because we're like, 'Look, we don't do this because we're representing some organization. We do it because we trust in God and we believe that his way is the better way, in all things in life," Jase Robertson said.

"I'm going to use whatever God blesses me with as a platform to tell the world that God is for you. He proved it through sending Jesus down here to die for us and be resurrected. And for us that gives us second chances and it gives us hope, and so we spread that message everywhere."

Responses on Facebook have exploded as many "Duck Dynasty" fans and those who have never watched the show commend Jase and Missy Robertson for their statements.

"Thank you Jase and Missy!!! I had my children listen to your testimony. I thank God for you all," wrote Debbie Mueller on Facebook.

"You are so precious! May your example be heard by all the young approaching this decision because we have to bring morality back to this generation," Mary Moon wrote.

The season premiere for "Duck Dynasty" airs Aug. 14 on A&E.

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