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‘Planes': 3 points for parents

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Dusty from "Planes."

Dusty from “Planes.”


Planes’: 3 points for parents

Violence: Some cartoon violence. One plane knocks off another’s antenna and he gets lost, resulting in him flying over the ocean low on fuel. Planes chase each other trying to do harm. There is a scene above the Pacific during WW II where planes are trying to destroy ships and the ships are firing on the planes; only one plane survives the battle.

Peril: One of the racers falls behind and is caught in a storm resulting in him falling into the ocean. Another plane malfunctions and cannot see where he is going but is guided by another plane. A plane is trying to get out of a tunnel before a train enters it.

Message: Good message about being “more than what I was built for.” There are good examples of helping others when they are down.

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