We have been pretending that we are a sovereign nation and that our borders are impervious — but this week, Barack Obama issued a decree that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents should not detain people streaming across our southern border illegally if the adults appear to have minor children with them. Their kids are now being used as the ticket to America.

This comes on the heels of the allegation a few weeks ago that tens of thousands of Hispanics are now apparently being taught or coached how to claim political asylum — a 434 percent increase over recent years according to Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz's office. The consequence is that U.S. taxpayers pay for their food and lodging in local hotels while their "case" is being prepared, but fewer than a third of them ever show up to court, revealing their asylum request to be a lie. They just cruise on into our country in one of the most blatant and fraudulent scams perpetrated on the taxpayers. It is probable that Obama will succeed in his quest to sidestep Congress and grant amnesty and paths to citizenship for these future Democrats — ensuring liberal domination of the political landscape for decades to come. So let's at least be honest with ourselves and stop the ruse. We have ceded our sovereignty to ensure one political party's advantage.

John Elsholz