It turns out U.S. News & World Report isn’t the only college-ranking outfit that’s keen on the caliber of a BYU education.

Earlier this month, U.S. News & World Report said BYU ranks No. 62 among national universities — a six-spot jump from last year. But also during September, National Jurist and RateMyProfessors bestowed significant recognition on BYU.

National Jurist deemed BYU the “Best Value private law school,” a distinction based on criteria that looks at “tuition, debt, and cost of living and compare these numbers with percent employed and bar pass rates. The study is designed to identify and recognize law schools that help students pass the bar exam and land jobs without burdening them with huge debt.”

The American Bar Association Journal’s Debra Cassens Weiss wrote, “BYU is the only school getting an A grade on the (best-value private law schools) list by National Jurist, and it’s the only private law school on National Jurist’s overall list of best-value law schools, which will be released in October.”

Additionally, RateMyProfessors pegged BYU as having the 14th-highest rating of any university in the country — a ranking buoyed with at least a modicum of respectability considering the list’s Top 10 includes academic stalwarts such as Duke, Stanford, Vanderbilt and the University of Michigan.

“The ranking from RateMyProfessors, a website powered by mtvU for students to review faculty, is based on the overall average professor rating and a school's overall school rating,” the Huffington Post reported Tuesday. “The website requires at least 30 rated professors and a minimum of 30 campus ratings for a university to be considered for the list.”

Also on RateMyProfessors, two BYU professors were singled out for their popularity among students. Choral professor Rosalind Hall ranked No. 4 nationally for “highest rated,” and biology professor Paul Evans ranked No. 2 for “overall hottest professor.”