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A sweet treat to help with those New Year’s resolutions

SHARE A sweet treat to help with those New Year’s resolutions
Belle's Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Bites

Belle’s Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Bites

Brenda Stanley

I realize that you are probably starting your New Year’s resolutions and it is highly likely you have some sort of goal to eat better or lose weight, so you may be wondering why I’m torturing you with this sweet treat.

I look at it as a prize.

My tiny chocolate caramel pretzel bites are just enough to satisfy the craving for something decadent and sweet, and they are small enough that they are not going to sabotage an entire resolution.

Besides, why not make a resolution to indulge once in a while or to treat yourself? You could give yourself a prize after working out or after trying a new salad or vegetable.

See, it’s easy when you are the queen of rationalization. Besides, these tasty sweet-and-salty treats are worth it. They are so easy to make, and it's easy to find someone to share them with so you don’t eat the entire batch yourself.

Start the New Year off right with a taste of sweetness.

Belle’s Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Bites

Mini pretzels

Mini Rolo candies (the kind in the bag that are not individually wrapped)

Pecan pieces

Place the mini pretzels on a baking sheet that you’ve lightly sprayed with cooking spray. Place a mini Rolo on each pretzel. Place them in a 300-degree oven just until the Rolos start to melt. Remove from the oven and push a pecan piece into each Rolo. Place in the fridge to harden.

Brenda Stanley is the mother of five children, including two sets of twins, and a grandmother of three. She is a novelist and cookbook author, including of the recently released "That's a Lot of Crock!" Her website is at talesofthedinnerbelle.com.