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Utah father-son team back on 'The Amazing Race'

A Utah father-son team are headed back to “The Amazing Race: All Stars” on CBS for another shot at $1 million in a race around the world when this season starts on Feb. 23, the network announced earlier this week.

The 24th season features 11 returning teams.

Salt Lake City residents Dave O’Leary, 59, and his son, Connor O’Leary, 22, both cancer survivors, were on season 22 last spring and had to withdraw.

Dave O’Leary had injured his leg, including a detached Achilles tendon, at the end of the second leg of the race when they were in Bora Bora, French Polynesia. He had an ultrasound on it the following morning during a layover in Tahiti, obtained a medical boot and crutches and continued to run the race to New Zealand and then to Bali, Indonesia, winning both of those sections of the race.

The race then took them to Hanoi, Vietnam, where they withdrew from the race and flew back to the states, where he had surgery. It was expected to take about a year to recover.

Dave, a real estate investor, is a prostate cancer survivor and Connor, a student and professional cyclist, is a testicular cancer survivor. Both are also members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"Let's see if I can keep up with Connor this time and not rupture anything #AmazingRace," David O'Leary tweeted on Monday.

Connor tweeted: "Lets see if I can keep my old man in one piece this time around. We are back on the #AmazingRace."

On this season, they will see some familiar faces. From their season, John Erck, 28, and Jessica Hoel, 27, an engaged couple, who were eliminated with an Express Pass; YouTube hosts Joey Graceffa, 22, and Meghan Caramena, 26, both of Los Angeles; and country singers Jennifer Wayne, 31, of Nashville, and Caroline Cutbirth, 30, of central Texas, will be running in the race around the world.

Also competing will be several teams from past seasons.

From season 18, brothers Cord McCoy, 33, and Jet McCoy, 34, both of Oklahoma, are competing.

Others are mother-son team Margie O’Donnell, 56, of Colorado Springs, Colo., and Luke Adams, 28, of Philadelphia, who took third in season 14 and also competed in season 18, along with Harlem Globetrotters Herbert “Flight Time” Lang, 37, of Arkansas, and Nate “Big Easy” Lofton, 32, of Los Angeles, who competed in season 15 and season 18.

Joining the race from season 20 are newlyweds Brendon Villegas, 33, and Rachel Reilly, 30, of Los Angeles, and friends William “Bopper” Minton, 43, and Mark Jackson, 47, of Kentucky.

From season 21, twins Natalie and Nadiya Anderson, 27, both of Edgewater, N.J., and from season 23, cousins Leo Temory, 27, and Jamal Zadran, 26, both of California and nicknamed the “Afghanimals,” are also in the race.

“The Amazing Race: All Stars” premieres Feb. 23 on CBS.

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