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The winners of the 2013 Utah Book Awards are ...

Several local authors were recognized Sept. 25 in the 2013 Utah Book Awards, which included books published in 2012 and 2013. The awards, which were initiated by the Salt Lake City Public Library, also recognize books and literature with Utah themes or settings. For information about the awards and a list of past winners, see

The 2013 winners and finalists include:

Poetry: Winner, Katharine Coles, author of “The Earth Is Not Flat.” Finalist, Jon Sebba, author of “Yossi, Yasser, & Other Soldiers.”

Fiction: Winner, Barbara K. Richardson, author of “Tributary.” Finalists, Julianne Donaldson, author of “Blackmoore”; and Camron Wright, author of “The Rent Collector.

Children's literature: Winner, Brandon Mull, author of “Spirit Animals, Book 1: Wild Born.” Finalists, Mull, author of “Pingo and the Playground Bully”; and Karl Beckstrand, author of “Why Juan Can’t Sleep: A Mystery?”

Young adult literature: Winner, Jennifer Nielsen, author of “The False Prince.” Finalists, Tyler Whitesides, author of “Janitors, Book 3: Curse of the Broomstaff”; and Bobbie Pyron, author of “The Dogs of Winter.”

Nonfiction: Winner, Val Holley, “25th Street Confidential: Drama, Decadence and Dissipation Along Ogden's Rowdiest Road.” Finalists, Roy Webb, author of “Lost Canyons of the Green River”; John G. Maxwell, author of “Robert Newton Baskin and the Making of Modern Utah”; and Robert S. McPherson, author of “Under the Eagle.