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Brandon Mull’s ‘Rogue Knight’ continues adventures in the Outskirts

SHARE Brandon Mull’s ‘Rogue Knight’ continues adventures in the Outskirts

"ROGUE KNIGHT: Five Kingdoms, Book 2," by Brandon Mull, Aladdin, $17.99, 480 pages (f) (ages 10 and up)

Cole Randolph is quickly becoming a natural in the Outskirts, a place between wakefulness and dreaming where the Five Kingdoms are located.

In the second installment of the Five Kingdoms series by Utahn Brandon Mull, Randolph continues to hunt for his lost friends who were also kidnapped and taken to the Outskirts by slave traders known as the Sky Raiders. Cole escaped, and his main goal is to get back to Mesa, Arizona, with all of his friends who were lost.

However, in his attempts to find his friends, Cole finds a lot more adventure than he ever anticipated, including a quest to bring down one of the biggest foes of the Five Kingdoms.

"The Rogue Knight" begins where "Sky Raiders," the first book in the series, left off, with Cole and his new companions from the Outskirts in an autocoach traveling to the kingdom of Elloweer.

The group is searching for the other four daughters of the High King. Mira, the fifth daughter, joined Cole and his cohorts in the first book. The High King stripped his daughters of their shaping powers. The group's plan is to find his daughters so their powers can be returned and the High King can be defeated.

Traversing through the kingdoms is difficult, however, because the native people and creatures are never the same, and the weapons used in one kingdom sometimes won't work in another.

Cole and his companions meet new friends and foes throughout this book. The Rogue Knight, who has powers of his own that could either destroy or aid the group's endeavors, is one of them.

Cole also discovers powers within himself, and they emerge during the most intense moments of the book.

Mull, the author of the Fablehaven, Beyonders and Candy Shop Wars series, continues to impress with his hearty stories that are targeted at a juvenile fiction audience but that are also captivating to older audiences. The third book will come out in 2015 and continue to highlight the magic and powers of each kingdom.

As there is lot of backstory in "Sky Raiders," it's advisable to read it first before jumping into "Rogue Knight."

"Rogue Knight" contains violence and killing described in an age-appropriate way. There isn't any swearing or sexual content.

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