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Why I voted Democrat

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I voted for Democrats in the recent midterms for many reasons. Among them: The country would be better off if we worked out the bugs in health care instead of allowing health care costs to grow exponentially for the next 20 years.

I believe immigration and drug law enforcement are two separate issues. A readily achievable means to reduce illegal immigration is to impose significant fines on employers. Ideas for stopping the drug trade from South America need separate consideration.

Whether or not one believes climate change exists, reducing our use of fossil fuels would benefit the country. Reducing our dependence on foreign oil and reducing air and water pollution stand alone as important issues. How much oil have we bought and wasted trying to gain access to more oil?

Our Middle Eastern involvement has been hideous. We enrich multinational corporate contractors (mercenaries) while our servicemen and women qualify for food stamps.

Lastly, I voted for Democrats in local elections because I don’t think a one-party system is good for anybody.

Melissa Hofer