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5 things fans may have missed from the Jazz-Suns game Saturday

SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Jazz hosted the Phoenix Suns Saturday night at EnergySolutions Arena and posted a big 118-91 win.

Amid the high-flying dunks and a career-high scoring night from Derrick Favors (32), much more happened behind the scenes. Here are five things fans may have missed from the game (check out a time-lapse video of fans filling the arena).

The proposal

If you were thinking about Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in a fun romantic comedy, well, sorry to disappoint. This proposal included two different brunettes, you know, the kind who aren’t movie stars … yet.

Jazz fans and couple Jesse Noakes and Brandon Menlove enjoyed a memorable night when the Jazz Bear attacked them with silly string after which Menlove proposed to Noakes in front of the entire crowd.

The two are high school sweethearts and both went on to serve LDS missions. Their missions overlapped and Menlove waited six months for his sweetheart to come home before he could propose to her at the game.

Best-dressed fans

Halloween may be over but the Jazz fan swag is just beginning. For Mark Keller, Tom Davenport and Ryan Moss, it’s not just about dressing up for the game, it’s about representing Jazz Nation.

Moss likes to keep old traditions alive by sporting the short shorts and Mark Eaton jersey. Once a Jazz fan, always a Jazz fan.

Morganna the kissing bandit-bear

The Jazz honored several employees for accomplishments at the game and among them was PA announcer Dan Roberts, who in his 36th season with the Jazz.

Roberts was the recipient of a friendly attack from Bear during a commercial break. The fun was based off of “Morganna the Kissing Bandit,” who was known for laying kisses on special folks at sporting events. Even Frank Layden was a victim at one point.

The “Bear necessities”

For Bear, attacking unsuspecting Jazz fans is a necessity. Bear didn’t just spray the newly engaged couple with silly string during game, but he initiated war with several fans then proceeded to take photo ops with many as well.

When he wasn’t razzing fans with silly string or flattering them with photo ops he popped confetti-filled balloons over the crowd, razzed a cameraman and stole shoes from fans. One thing is for certain, attend Jazz games regularly and the ‘Bear’ necessities of life will come to you.

The dunk team

The Jazz players weren’t the only ones throwing down thunderous dunks. During commercial breaks the Jazz dunk team took the floor and reminded the crowd what dunks look like on the video game NBA Jam — high flying and acrobatic.

Bobby Macey is a communication graduate who has been published nationally and writes for the Deseret News as a contributor. Follow him on Twitter: @Bobmacey