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Funding vaccines

The GAVI Alliance is a public-private partnership for improving access to immunization in poor countries. Millions of children lose their lives to easily preventable diseases every year. Poverty is a complex issue, but vaccinations are an incredibly effective and low-cost means for reducing preventable diseases in developing countries.

GAVI needs the continued and increased support of the U.S. government. GAVI is seeking an additional $7.5 billion with an estimated impact of 5 million to 6 million lives saved. If you do the math, that means less than $1,500 per life saved. I challenge you to find any type of government (or even personal) expenditure that can match that type of return on investment.

If you knew someone whose life could be saved for less than $2,000, would you not gladly help? Likewise, as a country committed to equality and opportunity for all, it should be a natural result of our character to show moral leadership in driving this global effort.

Kris Zyp

Cottonwood Heights