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3 business apps your employees should all be using

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Your employees’ overall happiness dictates their productivity at work. Gratefully, there’s an app for that. Actually, there are several apps that help with personal productivity.

With an increasingly mobile workforce of employees who want instant access to streamlined data, employers who are not proactively seeking tools to create efficiencies may miss out on attracting and retaining the right employees.

Here are three apps that are sure to help your employees work more efficiently.

Employee information tool

If you want to empower your employees through data, they need to be able to manage their personal lives and work lives well. ISIhr Mobile allows employees to view details of all their paychecks, and edit personal information (such as tax withholdings) from their mobile device.

The app creates instant access for employees to have their insurance member numbers right at their fingertips, know whether they have PTO available for their weekend getaway, or find out what the balance of their Flex account is while they are at the pharmacy.

The best part is that employees don’t have to log in to a handful of different websites, find a pay stub or call someone to get that information — it’s all included in the app.

Timekeeping tool

If you still archaically require your employees to manually keep track of their time on a spreadsheet, or worse, a piece of paper, it’s time to upgrade your system.

Research shows that labor costs increase when employees track their hours manually, typically because hours are rounded. (Who wants to write 8:03:44 for their punch-in time when it’s so much easier to just write 8:00 a.m.?)

There are a number of timekeeping solutions that your company can invest in for a reasonable fee that provide free apps for your employees to punch in remotely through their mobile device.

If you are absolutely certain that your business cannot afford a timekeeping system and have no qualms with spending work time on managing employee time, then, at a minimum, have your employees use the Department of Labor’s free timesheet app.

Health management tool

Healthy employees are often happier employees — but when the inevitable germs take over, it’s in everyone’s best interest to get your employees back to good health (and back to work) as soon as possible.

Imagine holding your place in line before arriving at the InstaCare, having access to what germs are on the rise in your area and around the state, or being able to securely message your doctor from your phone.

Intermountain Healthcare has an app that does all this and more. If your healthcare provider is behind the game with offering a similar tool, you may want to send them an email to encourage a similar app be bumped up their IT team’s priority list.

It’s time to catch your company up to the present day. Advancements in technology have created high demands for a high tech society and, with that, a growing need for mobile functionality.

Catch the wave and provide the right tools to help your employees be happy, or miss out on an opportunity for your organization to make great strides toward the future.