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5 ways to get ready for the spring golf season

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Let spring settle in with a breath of fresh air and exercise as you walk the course.


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With winter’s snow, wind, rain and ice serving as golf’s biggest rival, your golf clubs probably need a little dusting come March — and we’re guessing your swing wouldn’t mind a little TLC either.

With warmer weather shining upon us, there’s no time like the present to get back in the game and out on the green. But are you ready to pose a little prowess on the links? You may be able to improve your game before you ever lace up your oxfords or button up that polo by following a few easy tips.

Take inventory

If your golf clubs haven’t seen the light of day since those boxes of holiday decorations took center stage in the garage, it’s time to break them out and dust them off. Now is a great time to take a good look at your clubs and grips to make sure they’re in great shape for the 2014 season. Clean your grips with warm soapy water and then assess them to make sure they’re still in good condition. Additionally, dig out those tees and balls and determine which items your inventory may be missing or short.

Take a walk (or seven)

If you’ve spent most of the winter months hibernating, those 18 holes might feel like the Boston Marathon. Before you attempt to get back into the game, give your body a little spring revival. Start walking every day to increase your endurance (which tends to decrease when blizzard-like conditions and pumpkin pie are keeping you resolutely indoors). Dynamic stretching exercises, like yoga, can also help you get limbered up and ready to perfect your swing (and destroy the competition).

Grab a few lessons

There’s always room for improvement, and if you’re looking to make your golf game better than ever this season, why not spend a little time with a seasoned professional? A good golf instructor can help you correct improper form or inclinations before they become unbreakable habits. Even one lesson that analyzes your swing can go a long way to improve your game.

Find some balance

You can improve your swing and putt — and help you avoid ice packs and slings — this season by practicing a few drills at home. Grab your clubs and practice some backswings and through swings — sans balls — to get your body moving and your torso limbered up. When you’re at the driving range, hold your finish for a few seconds to help you work on your balance and strength.

Take advantage of early deals

It’s no secret that golf isn’t exactly an economical sport. But if you take advantage of local deals and promotions, you may be able to save some green while getting out on the green. Many courses have early season specials that may be worth your while. Not to mention that KSL deals, like 18 holes and a cart from Thanksgiving Point and Utah PGA golf pass, can get you out on the links even faster than you thought.

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