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BYUtv 'Granite Flats' welcomes actors from 'Princess Bride,' 'Back to the Future'

"Granite Flats" will host actors Cary Elwes and Christopher Lloyd in the upcoming season of the show, BYUtv announced earlier this week.

According to Variety, Lloyd, notable for "Back to the Future," will star as Professor Stanfield Hargraves, an English teacher in the fictional town of Granite Flats, Colo. Elwes, of "The Princess Bride," will act as head of the CIA's counter intelligence program, Variety reports. Finola Hughes of "General Hospital" will also appear in Season 2.

BYUtv, whose motto is "see the good," created the show in the hope of filling the lack of media that viewers find both entertaining and uplifting. The 1960s period piece that focuses on a small town in the midst of the Cold War was an attempt at meeting the demand through scripted drama.

"A lot of people are paying attention to the fact that there is an underserved demographic,” Scott Swofford, "Granite Flats" director and executive producer, said in a Deseret News article. "We saw this in focus groups we did all across the country — they would say, 'I want to watch stuff that's more uplifting and less trashy.'"

According to reviews, the show was is one of the more successful shows trying to attain this mix of entertainment and values.

"While the show isn't perfect, it may be the best family oriented drama on TV right now," a review from says. "The acting is uneven at times and there is a tendency to have the characters explain out loud what their motivation is or what they're thinking. But there are so many great things about 'Granite Flats' that it's easy to overlook the problems. ... If nothing else, 'Granite Flats' will remind viewers that 'family friendly' programming doesn't have to be painfully earnest and terribly boring."

With the positive feedback, "Granite Flats" was able to go on to a second season that will première April 6.

"(The positive response) confirms that there is a large and diverse national audience looking for primetime programming that the entire family can watch together," Derek Marquis, BYUtv Managing Director and "Granite Flats" executive producer, said in an article in the Deseret News. "We’re delighted to continue the ‘Granite Flats’ adventure with our growing audience.”

Reactions to the Granite Flats announcement on Facebook were a blend of "Princess Bride" and "Back to the Future" references and expressions of anticipation and excitement.

"Inconceivable!" James Rana wrote.

"I love both actors. Great Scott! And As you wish! Should be used somewhere in the program. This show just got four stars," Bryan Leroy Freeman commented.

"I was excited for season two before — now I really can't wait!" Christine Lines wrote.

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