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Ellen brings YouTube stars mother and 3-year-old cupcake-loving son on her show

SHARE Ellen brings YouTube stars mother and 3-year-old cupcake-loving son on her show

It didn't take long for Ellen DeGeneres to get in touch with the mother of a 3-year-old YouTube star, Linda Beltran, and ask her and her son Matthew come on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" to talk about their viral video.

The Beltran's have experienced sudden fame ever since Linda posted the video of her son debating his right to have a cupcake to YouTube. The video was uploaded one month ago and has more than 4 million views. Beltran told DeGeneres that they have started to be recognized on the streets and at the airport.

"People working (at the airport) were running up to us. There were two gentlemen watching the video as we were standing in line," Beltran said. "I mean it's awesome. It's great, but it's also just fame in an instant. It's crazy."

In the viral video, Matthew continues to call his mother "Linda" and "honey," asking her to listen to him. Beltran explained that while most of the time she is referred to as "mom," her 3-year-old knows how to take it serious during a debate.

" 'Linda' comes from debating, for like a cupcake. I'm usually 'mommy,' " Beltran said. "When he's serious, and he really wants to get his point across, then we become 'Linda' or 'Kenneth.' "

Beltran also explained that Matthew has picked up on words such as "honey" and "babe" from his dad, and using the word "listen" from herself.

Toward the end of the show, DeGeneres told Matthew she had a surprise for him that his mom probably wouldn't like. She revealed a tower of cupcakes with images of the 3-year-old's favorite superheros. DeGeneres also gave Beltran a gift card to the spa, along with a $10,000 check to help out their family.

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