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Amy Grant sings scripture verse for Bible appreciation month

SHARE Amy Grant sings scripture verse for Bible appreciation month

Christian artist Amy Grant recently spoke with Sirius XM: The Message, a Christian radio station, about the importance of memorizing Bible verses.

But when asked to repeat her favorite verse, Grant went one step further and sang a song she had arranged to help her memorize the words.

"Getting Bible verses in to your head where you don't have to look at the page is so important," Grant said. "Anytime I'm trying to memorize scripture, I just put it to music."

Post by SiriusXM The Message.For the past three years, the Christian radio station has celebrated March as Bible appreciation month in preparation for Easter.

Many followers have expressed appreciation for Grant's video.

"This is so inspiring! Great way to start the day and look at Bible verses in a different light. Thanks for sharing," Sue Dreher wrote on Facebook.

Lillian Nelson also commented, "What a great way to remember scripture through music. I should try that, I have a hard time remembering a lot of scriptures."

See more Bible appreciation videos at Siriusxm.com.

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