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Letter: Dismantle the NSA

President Barack Obama promised the American people the National Security Agency wasn't reading the content of their emails.

Well, why not? Obama and NSA Chief Keith Alexander have never been deterred by the Constitution's Fourth Amendment, nor by our right to privacy, as recognized by the Supreme Court.

So why isn't the NSA tracking and recording the movements of every U.S. citizen who owns a mobile phone via cell-tower triangulation? Why isn't it recording all our phone conversations? Why isn't it keeping track of every Web search we make?

Why don't government officials recruit spies from among us to report on our suspicious activities? Why don't they generate a file on everyone they believe has a deviant political or religious philosophy? Why don't they round them up?

Why don't they blackmail dissident political leaders into supporting our government, or at least keeping quiet?

Obama and Alexander haven't taken these steps because they know Americans won't stand for them. But Americans shouldn't put up with any blanket surveillance of their activities or any infringement of their rights.

The NSA's domestic spying programs should be dismantled and Congress should take action to make certain that they can't be reinstituted.

Christian Probasco

Salt Lake City