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Book review: '180 Experiences' encourages married couples

"180 EXPERIENCES THAT WILL STRENGTHEN YOUR MARRIAGE," by Dustin A. Wiggins, Camistin Publishing, $19.99, 204 pages (nf)

In his book "180 Experiences That Will Strengthen Your Marriage," Dustin A. Wiggins suggests daily activities couples can do together or for each other that will help them grow closer.

During the courting phase, couples seem to spend as much time as possible together. After they are married, however, lives become busier and couples sometimes struggle to continue getting to know each other.

Couples are encouraged in Wiggins' book to do an activity every day, such as running together, looking at stars in the evening or designing a dream house they'd both love. Many of these activities also prompt couples to post about them on social media using hashtags such as #LoveExperience128 and see the experiences of others who used the same hashtag.

Some of the ideas take more planning, but most can be done without preparation. From re-enacting a first date or helping out in the community to setting new goals or making promises to each other, Wiggins offers a wide range of ideas to help couples bond and strengthen their marriages.

"180 Experiences That Will Strengthen Your Marriage" could be a great gift for newlyweds or for any couple that needs to reignite their relationship.

The book has clean language. It does allude to intimacy within marriage at times.

Wendy Jessen is a Southern Utah University graduate and a stay-at-home mother of six. Her email is and she blogs at