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Letter: Homework load is fine

In response to "Enough with the homework already" (April 14), I commend the desire to get straight As. However, I do not agree that teachers are giving out too much work. Teachers don’t forget that students have other classes and a life outside of school.

The real issue is priority. If education was the top priority for students and their parents, high school would not be difficult. I give one math assignment per class period, which equates to 2-3 assignments per week. Most assignments can be completed in class. Honors and AP classes are supposed to be challenging. If a student can’t do the work, they shouldn’t take the class. Annie Johnson is right in saying "things aren't like they used to be."

Students didn't used to waste class time texting, listening to music on iPods, etc while the teacher was teaching. They listened and took notes. They prioritized their education over their social status. Successful students never skipped class. They also scheduled vacations around school vacation time and they made doctor/dental appointments outside of class time when possible.

Every student is different, but most active learners who make education a top priority and have no problem with all that homework.

Dallin Lewis