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Nerdy is the norm: Utah ranks first in country as nerdiest state

SALT LAKE CITY — Dungeon and Dragons, anime and magic cards are apparently the norm in Utah.

According to Estately, Utah beat out the rest of the states to claim the top prize as "nerdiest state."

The real estate blog evaluated Facebook data to see how many people in each state listed one of the following as an interest: "Star Trek: The Next Generation," cosplay, Harry Potter, Star Wars, anime movies, Dungeons & Dragons, LARPing (live action role playing), Doctor Who, fantasy lit, Lord of the Rings, Magic: The Gathering and comic books.

In 2013, the Salt Lake Comic Con was established, and more than 50,000 tickets were purchased, making it the largest convention to ever take place in Utah and the largest first-year Comic Con in North America.

The second convention, which occurred last week, shattered original ticket sales, with more than 100,000 people attending the conference. The next conference, scheduled for September, will take place in the Salt Palace and neighboring conference areas to accommodate even more attendees.

In addition to Salt Lake Comic Con, Estately mentioned three other nerdtastic events held in Utah: The Nerdtacular, SLC Nerd, Fantast Con and the nerdiest store in the state, The Nerd Store in West Valley City.

Utah has been in the news for other rankings already this year. Brigham Young University earlier this month placed first for the second year in a row as the school with the "hottest" and "smartest" students, based on data collected by Business Insider. BYU was also noted as the 7th happiest college this year by The Daily Beast.

On the business side, Utah was ranked third for the most self-employed women in the country, with the 11th most stable economy. Salt Lake City boasts the most upward mobility in the country.

In a close margin, Utah was ranked by Gallup as the second most religious state in the country this year, losing out to Mississippi by 1 percent.