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Glenn Beck: The news is about to get a lot more personal

Media mogul and conservative icon Glenn Beck thinks how we consume news is changing, and that’s a good thing.

In an interview with Flipboard, the company who created a smartphone app that allows users to customize their news intake, Beck details the story of how he created his flagship website, The Blaze, as a research arm to his show GBTV, which aired online while he was host of the Fox News Program “Glenn Beck.”

After seeing the possibilities for turning their research into stories to supplement his radio show and nightly news program, Beck and his team decided it was time to explore something bigger.

“Why don’t we try to build a platform that is different than the rest of the media, that has a different point of view, doesn’t look at things as ‘left’ and ‘right,’ right and wrong, and certainly doesn’t see Republican and Democrat as the box that we have to play in,” he told Flipboard’s Paul Katz.

Though Beck is persistent in his assertion that The Blaze does not support any particular party, he has been open about the website’s ideological leaning, expressing that it exists to “energize libertarians and conservatives through live events and inspiring programming on TV.”

The Blaze has reported that the website received 35 million unique visitors in March. “That’s 10 percent of the U.S. population now last month (that has) visited The Blaze. Those are not repeat, 35 million unique users,” said.

But as he says in the interview, Beck’s vision expands far beyond simply attracting “unique visitors.”

When Katz asked Beck what he believed was being unreported by the mainstream media, Beck responded that he believed truth was the largest casualty in the information wars.

“Corruption, the collusion between government and big business — that was the thing this president ran on. ‘I’m going to be the most transparent…’ Well, no, you’re not.”

Beck also expressed concerns over press freedom in America, traditional politics, ideological consistency, what he foresees as the demise of the Republican Party and the impact of technology on the news.

“It’s going to get to a place where it is much more personal, where you’ll be able to see, whatever it is you’re looking for, you’ll be able to see the truth.”

JJ Feinauer is a web producer for Moneywise and Opinion on Email:, Twitter: jjfeinauer.