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Journey on ‘The Voice’ comes to an end for final Utah contestant

SHARE Journey on ‘The Voice’ comes to an end for final Utah contestant

On Monday's episode of "The Voice," Provo teen Madilyn Paige was stolen by coach Blake Shelton, becoming the newest and final member of his team on NBC's hit singing competition. But when the playoff round began Tuesday night, Paige saw her impressive journey come to an end as she and one other teammate were eliminated from the show.

In the playoff round, each remaining artist is allowed to choose a song to perform before the four coaches (Shelton, Adam Levine, Shakira and Usher). After each coach's five-member team performs, the coaches pick three of their members to advance and eliminate the other two.

Team Blake took center stage Tuesday in the first of three playoff episodes before the show goes live for America's vote later this month.

Paige, who had been a member of Team Usher until joining Shelton’s squad Monday night, chose to sing "Clarity" by Zedd (feat. Foxes). During the episode, Paige was shown as she worked with Shelton before her big performance.

"Oh my gosh, I’m a fan," Shelton said as Paige entered the recording studio. "She’s able to showcase that timid, softer side of what she does, but then she’s also able to surprise you and hit some of those big notes."

Shelton gave the typically mild-mannered Timpanogos High School student some important feedback during her rehearsals. "Get mad and get into it because this is your last shot," he said.

"Because Blake only has three spots to take into (the live performances), I think it’s just going to be really important to take his advice and get into the emotion of the song," Paige said.

After performing in front of the studio audience, Paige heard what the other three coaches thought of her song.

"I’m more than aware of what Madilyn is capable of," commented her former coach, Usher. "In a very short amount of time, I think that Blake has helped you find, I guess, a different approach to singing. I think you did a good job. This is definitely the direction of what it takes to be a well-rounded artist."

"Well done, Madilyn," Shakira added. "It’s a very difficult song, but you managed to be somehow understated in the verses and very active and powerful in the choruses. I heard some pocket issues, but you pushed through and you had that alternative sort of cool timbre and (you) nailed that. … I would really use it more because that’s what makes you unique."

Levine had a bit of constructive criticism for Paige. "The one thing I want to tell you: You’ve gotta let go," he said. "There’s so much trying to sing it really well and so much stillness because you’re afraid to mess up. At a certain point, you kind of have to say, 'I’m prepared for this. Now I have to go out there and do it.'"

"I couldn’t be more confident and proud that I used my steal on you," Shelton said. "My favorite thing about your voice is the fact that — if you came on the radio — that I would go, 'Oh, that’s Madilyn! Oh my gosh! I can tell by hearing her voice! I mean, she doesn’t sound like anybody else.' It’s going to be tough for me, Madilyn. I’m not going to lie to you — I don’t know what I’m going to do."

As Paige headed backstage, she took a moment to evaluate her own performance, saying, "That was a tough song and I think that I did my best, but I’m not sure if it was enough. You know, everyone else is so amazing, but I would love to move on."

In the end, Shelton did decide to move on with three other contestants. Country singers Audra McLaughlin and Jake Worthington, of Pennsylvania and Texas, respectively, and seasoned power vocalist Sisaundra Lewis, of Florida, all advanced to the next round.

Shelton doesn't see this as the end of the road for Paige, however. "Madilyn is absolutely adorable and she’s a unique singer, which is extra points in my book," he said after Paige's performance. "I don’t think this is the best she can do, but I still believe in her. I still think she’s a star."

Before being eliminated, Paige had the opportunity to say a few final words. "Being on this show, I’ve grown so much," she told Shelton. "And thank you for giving me a second chance and for being such an amazing coach."

Paige's teammate Ryan Whyte Maloney, of Michigan, was also eliminated at the conclusion of the episode.

"The Voice" continues next week, airing Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.

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