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Book review: ‘Sisters Forever’ shares messages of hope, encouragement for LDS women

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"SISTERS FOREVER: Inspiration for Women," by Marilynne Todd Linford, Covenant Communications, $12.99, 160 pages (nf)

In keeping with a topic Utah author Marilynne Todd Linford is well-known for, “Sisters Forever: Inspiration for Women” offers encouragement and inspiration to women of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"Sisters Forever," Linford's 11th book, is a selection of some of the essays she has written for the women in her LDS ward Relief Society and includes 50 brief chapters addressing topics such as stress, depression, addiction and divorce, as well as forgiveness, service, faith, hope, love and family life.

For 13 years Linford has prayerfully crafted a monthly message at the request of her Relief Society leaders.

In the chapter “The Truth About Unconditional Love,” Linford discusses the difference between unconditional love and divine love. Linford tackles the many misconceptions about perfection in “The Perfection Myth Debunked.” Mormon women may appreciate the wide range of topics covered in this volume. It’s a book that can be picked up and enjoyed one chapter at a time or read in an entire sitting.

Previous volumes include “Sisters in Zion,” “We are Sisters” and “Sister to Sister.”

Linford and her husband, Richard, are temple ordinance workers in the Salt Lake Temple. They are the parents of eight children and have 23 grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. Linford has published numerous articles in anthologies and magazines.

Stephanie Abney, eternal optimist, retired school teacher and freelance writer, lives in Mesa, Ariz., with her husband, Jim. They have five children and 18 grandchildren. Email is sabneyfeedback@cox.net and she blogs at stephaniesaysso.blogspot.com.