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Book review: 'Extraordinary Courage' shares stories of 11 courageous women

EXTRAORDINARY COURAGE: Women Empowered by the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” by Kristine Wardle Frederickson, Ensign Peak, $19.99, 282 pages (nf)

Courage to stand up for beliefs and consistently act accordingly takes fortitude and strength. Kristine Frederickson highlights 11 women who had this kind of courage and found strength to do so through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The women highlighted in “Extraordinary Courage” are from many historical eras and while some are more well-known, others’ stories are no less notable.

Esther and Susanna are from the Old Testament. Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, and Priscilla, are from the New Testament and Abish is from the Book of Mormon.

She also highlights Lucy Mack Smith, Mary Murray Murdoch, Mary Fielding Smith, Ellis Shipp and Vienna Jacques who were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when the church was being established and kept moving west.

Frederickson also includes Josephine Butler who lived in England in the 1800s and had a strong testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ as she reached out to help those around her, including prostitutes and the destitute, and fought for women’s rights and against sexual inequality of the era.

Frederickson presents each thoroughly researched chapter in a readable and relatable way.

For each woman, she also shares the circumstances of their lives and the context of cultural and social expectations and norms that help show how they were indeed courageous and inspiring.

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