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Book review: ‘A Mother’s Prayer: Inspiring True Stories to Warm the Heart’ is diverse, uplifting

"A Mother's Prayer: Inspiring True Stories to Warm the Heart"
"A Mother's Prayer: Inspiring True Stories to Warm the Heart"
Covenant Communications

"A MOTHER'S PRAYER: Inspiring True Stories to Warm the Heart," Covenant Communications, $9.99, 80 pages (nf)

Defining moments from the lives of 11 well-known Mormon authors make up “A Mother’s Prayer: Inspiring True Stories to Warm the Heart.” Death, divorce, tragedy and infertility are just some of the topics covered in this well-written and inspirational booklet.

Jean Holbrook Mathews struggled with infertility. Then, when she became the foster mother of twin boys, she struggled with piles of laundry. She shares an experience of her mother’s practical, yet memorable, gift of a washing machine.

Michele Ashman Bell had a difficult time dealing with losing her mother to Alzheimer’s disease. But a short moment of clarity helped heal her soul and taught her the importance of cherishing every moment with loved ones.

Sandra Grey couldn’t understand why any mother would hate Mother’s Day. But when she found herself a newly single mother she realized how easy it was for the holiday to be an overwhelming, instead of joyous, occasion. After following some advice from a friend, she managed to make the day a welcome one for herself and a stranger.

Jeri Gilchrist went from proud mother of a missionary to dealing with her son’s medical issues and eventually an early homecoming from serving the Lord. Tears and prayer were needed to help her develop an eternal perspective as she learned God’s plans differed from her own.

Learning from these, and several other, very personal experiences can be motivating and inspiring for women no matter what their situation in life.

“A Mother’s Prayer” has clean language and uplifting stories. While some of the topics, such as divorce and death, are difficult ones, they are dealt with in tactful ways.

The authors, who also include Susan Easton Black, Josi S. Kilpack, Margot Hovley, Jodi Marie Robinson, Karen Tuft, Stephanie Dibb Sorensen and Toni Sorenson, are all members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and are known for their LDS fiction and non-fiction writings.

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