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Mulligans memories

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In response to the article, “South Jordan at odds over the fate of Mulligans” (May 20), I believe Mulligans should be preserved. My family and I have always loved going over to the golf course to play a round of mini golf. I have so many fond memories of spending time with friends and family there that it seems like a crime that they should want to develop it.

This city needs to have some place that isn’t filled with stores and restaurants. Sure developing it might bring in more money to the city, but everyone I have talked to doesn’t want to see the golf course go. It’s a monument in the city. People love seeing the wide open green compared to the other side of 104th South, which is already developed. I for one hope that the city listens to the people’s voices and decides to keep such a fun-filled edifice there for people to enjoy for years to come.

Emily Bell

West Jordan