In humanity's relentless pursuit of comfort, convenience, material possessions, profit and money, we’re plundering and polluting the environment. We’re exploiting fellow human beings and destroying the habitat of species after species. If we don’t cease this destructive, over-consumptive behavior, it seems likely it will lead to our own destruction. We’re behaving like a cancer that seals its own fate by consuming its host.

Hopefully we — including those who provide us with goods and services, and leadership — will see the folly of our plight, and before we go too far, will cease our destructive behavior and replace it with a healthy sustainable living pattern that’s in balance and harmony with life, nature and our fellow occupants of the planet.

Such a viable, endurable living pattern will be based in part on switching to clean, safe, renewable energy, stopping our polluting of the environment, recycling, reducing our consumption and limiting our population. Learning to live in balance, harmony and respect for the earth and for each other is challenging will require enlightened self-restraint and heightened caring for others. If we are to avoid the consequences of folly, may we and our leaders have the wisdom and caring to make this change possible.

James Westwater

Spanish Fork