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Letter: Pledge to America

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Once a week the students of Lone Peak are called upon by the principal to recite the pledge of Allegiance together. So we stand, we say the words in the worst kind of monotone, we let our eyes wander, we slouch with our hip out and our hand clumsily held over what is close to our heart, and then we sit without realizing what we just said or did. High School students view this exercise as tired, worn out, old fashioned. But why? Who decided that showing patriotism is a thing of the past, something necessary of our grandparents but not us? I can’t stress enough how wrong this is.

Both men and women are giving their lives every day for the liberties Americans enjoy. They have pledged their lives to America. The least we can do is pledge our allegiance to them. When we stand and say the pledge, it is our chance to pledge ourselves to our country.

As future leaders of America it is our responsibility to keep patriotism alive, not our parents or grandparents. Let us stand, and pledge. As future leaders of America it is on our hands to get involved and be educated about the nation we have grown up in, and to respect those who have died for our country and who are fighting for our country now.

Jacie Robinson

Cedar Hills