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From Ty's Prize to Hale Mary: Top 10 games in LaVell Edwards/Cougar Stadium history

Win, lose or draw, BYU has been competing at its current football home at 1700 N. Canyon Road since 1964.

During that time, the stadium has undergone a name change once — switching from Cougar Stadium to LaVell Edwards Stadium in 2000 — and seen the seating capacity go from a little under 30,000 to as much as 65,000, with a current seating capacity of 63,470.

Numerous All-Americans have called the stadium home, and the Cougars have seen a national championship team, a hall of fame coach and a Heisman Trophy winner roam the sidelines.

And who could forget the fans who've packed the stands.

"We loved the passion that the fans brought; that helped us in our commitment to the game," former BYU linebacker Leon White, a member of the 1984 national championship team, said of his experiences at Cougar Stadium. "That's something that BYU has over a lot of other schools, the commitment of the fans. The stadium that we have, it's 65,000, but we could probably hold a 100,000 and fill it up."

What are BYU's top 10 games ever at its home stadium? Here's a look:

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