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Unidentified marshal cleared as FBI closes investigation of fatal courtroom shooting

SALT LAKE CITY — The FBI on Monday announced the end of its investigation into the courtroom shooting that left Siale Maveni Angilau dead.

Angilau, 25, was shot by a deputy U.S. marshal after Angilau grabbed a pen and charged at a fellow gang member who was testifying in an April 21 racketeering hearing at the federal courthouse in Salt Lake City.

Angilau was the last of 16 Tongan Crip Gang members to be tried in federal court under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. Charges included racketeering, robbery, carjacking, assault on a federal officer and weapons violations.

The FBI announced Monday that the deputy marshal fired four shots, all of which hit Angilau.

"There is no evidence to suggest Angilau was shot while on the ground," according to the release.

Friends and family members who participated in a rally on the courthouse steps last month had claimed Angilau was shot eight times, including while he was lying on the floor. They called the shooting unjust and a show of excessive force.

The deputy marshal was not identified, "as it serves no legitimate public interest," the release states.

The FBI investigation is now closed, and the Department of Justice has opted not to file charges in the shooting.

— McKenzie Romero