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'Deseret News National Edition': 'The Turning', casual family life and 'The Giver'

Deseret News National Edition with Dave McCann.
Deseret News National Edition with Dave McCann.

Segment 1

New York Times best-selling authors Richard and Linda Eyre explain why the state of the family matters and what the world can do about it. Their new book "The Turning" will be released on Aug. 26.

Segment 2

Each year, thousands of Americans travel the country and even the world in search of an answer to the question, "what is making me sick?" Now, some filmmakers are bringing the plight of the "undiagnosed" to the world. Dave McCann previews their film.

Family life has taken a casual turn. Lois Collins explains why the latest trend in home design is an airy, open floor plan, where members can hang out as a group even if they're not pursuing activities together.

Segment 3

A number of reality shows with faith messages have become hits. We caught up with two of the stars of the cable show "Preachers' Daughters." Mom Victoria and daughter Kolby Koloff discuss their faith, abstinence and the dynamics of mother/daughter relationships.

The highly anticipated movie "The Giver" is in theaters this weekend. It was co-produced by the Weinstein Co. and Walden Media. Walden Media produces films and books with moral and educational value. Dave McCann went to Los Angeles to go one on one with CEO Micheal Flaherty to find out why "The Giver" is so important to him.