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21 things seen in dating that could hurt your marriage

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Dating someone and think they're the one? You may want to read this list and see if they are showing some of these signs.

Dating someone and think they’re the one? You may want to read this list and see if they are showing some of these signs.


Single men and women make up roughly one-third of the United States population, a Match survey found.

First impressions are a key factor. When men and women date, 43 percent of men and 32 percent of women believe in love at first sight, the Match survey found. Roughly half of the surveyed women would go on another date if they didn’t feel the spark on the first one, compared with just 40 percent of men who would do the same, according to the Match survey.

In an age where our love lives are constantly changing, and people are becoming increasingly cautious with their dating life, it’s important to recognize signs of a problematic marriage before tying the knot.

Here are 21 things people may do during a date that could have negative impacts on your potential marriage.

1. Your date corrects your grammar at every turn.

2. Your date won’t share their side dish with you.

3. Your date automatically expects you to pay for the check every time you go out. A courtesy inquiry about who’s paying is always a nice touch.

4. The person you're dating gets angry and frustrated when you hang out with someone of the opposite sex.

5. You can never agree to disagree — especially on politics, religion or other hot-button items.

6. Your date is more concerned with what they're going to eat for dessert than how horrible your high school home economics teacher was.

7. Your date mentions three different exes within the first hour of your first date.

8. The person you’re dating would rather spend time with other people than with you.

9. The person you’re dating isn't willing to discuss future possibilities with you. They want things to stay the same.

10. The person you're dating tells a lot of white lies.

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11. The person you're dating stays up all night talking about their problems with a friend rather than coming to you for help and advice, or even mentioning something was wrong.

12. The person you're dating would rather pass off an argument and avoid a difficult discussion than try to fix things.

13. The person you're dating tries to get you not to see your friends anymore.

14. The person you're dating gives you an ultimatum to change your dress and lifestyle.

15. You haven’t talked about a financial budget with the person you're dating.

16. The person you’re dating has a bad temper.

17. The person you're dating badmouths their parents.

18. The person you’re dating is overly flirtatious with everyone.

19. You’ve never seen the person you’re dating having a bad day.

20. You’ve never been camping with the person you’re dating. Seriously. See how it goes after roughing it for a couple of days.

21. You’ve never been in an argument or fight with the person you’re dating.

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